Remote Work 2022

The explosion of the geography of hiring – Remote Jobs 2022

One of the most significant implications of remote employment is a complete redesign of the location of recruiting. Remote labour significantly broadens the scope of a company’s hiring efforts. As an example, according to The Conference Board, more than 40% of positions listed by West Coast tech businesses are now being posted outside of the West Coast.

Employees’ residential locations are becoming less and less dictated by their work locations. It is now feasible to find big-city jobs in little towns. While this movement has the potential to rejuvenate some of the smaller towns and cities by providing new skills and greater financial flow, it may also have unforeseen repercussions. For example, as a result of the influx of remote employees from the West Coast, the typical property price in Boise, Idaho, has risen to 10 times the median income.

This tendency has two key ramifications for companies.

(1) Increased competitiveness. Your talent competitors are no longer confined to your region. Prepare to be innovative in your hiring strategies, especially when your competitors may be paying Silicon Valley or New York City wages.

(2) More possibilities. On the other hand, your options for acquiring talent are no longer confined to your region. The world is your oyster: broaden your hiring efforts to identify the finest prospects for your requirements.

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